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About Us

About Us

Mankerlight was founded by our two flashaholics engineers who also addicted to outdoor recreation. We have experienced a lot of different flashlights and found that the Led flashlight market faced a big problem: homogeneity, similar appearance and similar circuit. So we decided to make something different and created Manker which means someone walking outside with passion and freedom in Chinese.

We started at torch club which is the biggest LED flashlight forum in China, communicate with club members and collected lots of feedback about flashlights. Together with the forum members we released the first Forum Flashlight which called big idiot by the members. But this big idiot is stable and reliable.

And after that, we took about half a year to create another sample, the Manker Godmes which can be connected with your cell phone via a cell phone APP. This APP self-define mode make a lot of control function which could not realize on a flashlight came true. Even though the Godmes is not perfect as well but we got lots of friends and experiences for our future flashlight design.

Designing a flashlight we need to stick with ourselves and respect the market. So what's next, Manker T01. We think we've achieved our design goals, smaller, brighter and more efficiency.

It has been 10 years since the beginning of our flashlight design. And we've grew up from 2 flashlightaholic engineers to an entire team. We've got our own R&D, QC, Marketing & Sales, CNC and assembly factory. We keep moving on innovation to bring you guys more and better products.

Stay tuned.

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