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Manker E03H II Multi-Purpose Pocket EDC Flashlight

E03H II CW Green

 Product Description

1. Incredibly Compact and Lightweight but Powerful and long runtime 14500 / AA Headlamp - Weighing only 2.05oz (with headband), but adopts high performance Luminus SST20 LED, Maximum 600 (360) Lumens oupput, Maximum 22 (620) hours runtime, only need to be powered by 1x 14500 / AA battery.
2. Multi-purpose Angle Flashlight with Adjustable Elastic Headband & Magnetic Tail Cap & Reversible Clip - offers us an almost infinite possibilities of use: it is comfortable, wear on the head, in the hand, clips onto brim of hat for hands free use, on a table, hooked in trouser pocket, shirt, a cinch of a backpack, side of the car, refrigerator, any small field house, tent... 
3. Extremely Durable & Waterproof IPX-8 & 2 Meters Drop Test - The aluminum housing with premium type-III military spec anodizing helps make the light extremely durable and abrasion resistant. PMMA high transmittance TIR optical lens is waterproof silicone o-ring and stainless steel bezel sealed. tact switch is waterproof silicone gasket, sainless steel button cap and stainless steel bezel pealed. IPX8 water-resistant; 2 meter impact resistance tested.
4. User-friendly One Button Interface - Easy & simple one hand operation. 
5. New Lock out & ECO mode Setting - Lock out can prevent the light accidental turn on, lock-out operation is easier than first version. When in ECO mode, you can hold button to adjust 5-6 different stable,no flicker lower brightness levels to meet different requirements.
6. Removable sliding Filters (Patent No:201720762971.9) - White / red / green colors included. it make light more smooth.

Emitter: 1 x Luminus SST20 (Cool White: 6500K, Neutral White: 4000K CRI>95)
Power by: 1 x AA or 14500 battery (Battery NOT Included)
Working Voltage: 0.7-1.8V, 3.0-4.3V
Max Output: 360 lumens (using an Eneloop Pro AA NiMH battery)
                   600 lumens (using a 14500 li-ion battery)
Max Beam Intensity: 990 cd (using an Eneloop Pro AA NiMH battery)
                               1760 cd (using a 14500 li-ion battery)
Max Beam Distance: 63 meters (using an Eneloop Pro AA NiMH battery)
                               83 meters (using a 14500 li-ion battery)
Max run time: 620 hours (using an Eneloop Pro AA NiMH battery)
Driver: Most efficiency constant current circuit (using a AA battery)
Protection: Reverse polarity protection & overdischarge protection
Lock-out Mode: Prevents accidental activation
ECO Mode: Multiple user selectable levels
Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum body
Surface Treatment: Premium type-III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Button Cap: Stainless steel
Clip: Stainless steel reversible clip
Filter: Removable, sliding (Patent No:201720762971.9)
Tail-cap: Magnetic
Tail-stand Capability: Yes
Lens: PMMA high transmittance TIR optical lens
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 (up to 2 meters)
Impact Resistance: 2 meters
Size: 3.09"/78.56 mm length x 0.91"/23.15 mm head dia. x 0.77"/19.5 mm body dia.
Weight: 1.27 oz / 35.9 gram (without headband, without battery); 2.05 oz / 58.2 gram (with headband)
Accessories: Spare o-ring, stainless steel clip, headband, lanyard, filters (white, red, green)

Technical Data:

Output & runtime (using an Eneloop PRO AA NiMH battery)
ECO mode     0.1 lumens   620 hours
Middle            50 lumens    10 hours 30 minutes
High             140 lumens      3 hours 12 minutes
Turbo           360 lumens      3 hours
Strobe          360 lumens      -

Output & runtime (using a 14500 li-ion battery)
ECO  mode        5 lumens   22 hours
Middle           110 lumens     4 hours   5 minutes
High              300 lumens     1 hours 15 minutes
Turbo            600 lumens     1 hours 10 minutes
Strobe           600 lumens     -

Battery Option:

Operating Instructions:

1. Memory function stores the general mode last used (Medium or High).
2. While light is turn off, 4 quick clicks will lock-out the flashlight;
    While light is in lock-out, 4 quick clicks again will unlock.
3. When using AA battery, ECO mode have 6 lower brightness levels (0.1-15 lumens) to choose from. (Ratio error: ±20% output, while using different AA battery).
    When using 14500 battery, ECO mode have 5 lower brightness levels (5-40 lumens) to choose from (Ratio error: ±10% output, while using different 14500 battery).
4. While the battery is fully charged,double click to Turbo, its brightness will be stepdown time by time.
    While the battery is lower, double click to Turbo, light will be flashed and then stepdown direct to ECO brightness.
    While the battery is lower, single click to general mode, 'Mid' and 'High' have similar output or light flashed and then stepdown direct to ECO brightness.

***Kindly note: This item have NOT included any battery. ***

1. Please DO NOT shine the light beam directly into the eyes. 
2. DO NOT disassemble the sealed head as doing so may cause damage to the flashlight and will void the warranty.
3. Please clean the contacts of your light periodically.
4. Remove your battery from the flashlight if you will not be using the light for an extended period.
5. Manker recommends using an excellent quality Eneloop® Pro button-top 2450mAh 1.2V AA NiMH battery or Manker 3.7V 920mAh Type-C USB 14500 rechargeable li-ion battery. If you don't know how to select correct 14500 battery and want to save money, we recommend you to buy E03H II bundle (check here)

 Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent AA headlamp 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Sep 2020

    Great AA headlamp. Great quality. The ability to adjust the “eco” / low lumen light is amazing. Head strap is very comfortable and the diffuser is great for reading.

  2. Great little AA headlamp 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2020

    I carry a small flashlight in my pocket, and like to carry a headlamp/backup light in my backpack. For years I had carried an old Petzl e-light because of it's small size. The light output was garbage, but it has gotten me back to camp more than once when I stayed out too long. I decided (on multiple recommendations) to get this as a replacement and I couldn't be happier.

    The light is solidly constructed, all of the threads were cut cleanly and the patterning gives a nice grip. This is my first right angle light, and I absolutely love the utility of this. I may replace my primary light with another one of these.

    The headband is comfortable so far (only wore it for about an hour working on some repairs in the attic) and it holds the light securely.

    Multiple light output modes and a feature that I love is that you can lock the light to prevent it from turning on inadvertently. Since this light lives in a backpack that gets thrown around daily it is nice to have piece of mind that the batteries will be fresh when I need them.

    I haven't tried the diffusers yet, but they clip solidly into the light and one can be left attached full-time. It just pushes out of the way when not in use, but is there ready to go if you want it. I may put the green or red filter on just to have the option to preserve my night vision of I need it.

    I haven't needed to use the magnetic tail-cap, but I tested it out and it securely holds the light.

    Bottom line: great light and I would recommend it, and will probably purchase another.

  3. Great little light 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2020

    Small light with superb quality, great interface and with intergrated diffuser. Strong tail magnet and easy to use headband. I totally recommend it.
    Fast delivery!

  4. Good AA headlight 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2020

    I was in the market for a AA headlight to replace the 18650 one that I have in my car. Although run-time is significantly less I wanted to standardize on Lithium primaries and/or NiMh for all my car lights (each vehicle has a headlight and 2 AA flashlight). Since the E03H was on clearance I decided to try it out.

    The light appears to be well constructed and the threads are square cut and came clean and well lubed. The body knurling is diamond pattern and feels good in my hand. No complaints at all about the fit and finish.

    The tail cap contains a magnet which is strong enough to hold the light in any position without fear of falling off.

    The head-strap is stiff compared to most that I have but holds the flashlight well and should prove satisfactory in use. The pocket clip must be taken off in order to use the head-strap.

    Testing shows that step-down from turbo to high happens after about 3 minutes. I don't have an integrating sphere but using a lux app on my phone indicates that the output is fairly well regulated (maintains the same brightness level on a mode rather than dropping as the battery is emptied).

    A single press on the switch starts the flashlight in moonlight while a long press starts it in the last mode used. Each click then cycles the light up. From moonlight the cycle is low/Mid/Hi/Mid/Low. From a long press the cycle is last mode used, etc.

    A double click from off will turn the light on in turbo and clicking the switch will cycle through the strobe modes. I would have preferred that turbo be part of the normal modes and accessed by a double click while the light is on.

    The switch is a bit too recessed for me and a double click to access turbo was harder to perform than it should be.

    The beam pattern is good with no irregularities. Diffusers come with the light but I would use diffuser film instead. Tint was fairly neutral with no hint of green.

    Without an integrating sphere I have no way to measure the output but the stated output seems reasonable compared to other lights I have.

    I would have given the E03H a 5 but the double click to turbo putting it into the strobe group dropped it a star for me.

  5. My Comment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2019

    Hi. My name is Dave
    On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this a 100.
    I am going to order another one.
    I have been out side for the last two and a half ours putting a Ham Radio antenna up in the dark and the light did not dim down at all.
    I love the different settings to choose from.
    If you order one don't get impatient 'cause it takes a little time
    to get to your place but worth the wait.
    Thank you,
    David P. Venen

    P.S. I wanted it because it only takes one battery.

  6. Very good light 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2018

    Quality construction, quality light, good price.

  7. Another fine light 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2018

    I purchased this after owning the E03 for some time. The Nichia 219C is one of the nicest LED's available today. The tint and color rendition make it hard to go back to other lights.

    The beam is large enough for using the headlight for close up work, and if you use the included diffuser, the beam is quite floody.

    The magnet andthe head band work quite well.

    If you are afraid of the light turning on in your pocket, loosen the tail cap about 1/4 to 1/2 turn.

    This light, at this price point is an excellent value.

  8. Great lighweight light 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2017

    I bought this light for use at work and to light the way home at night. It is usually clipped in my shirt pocket or belt and I have not used the headband. The size is great and it falls comfortably into my trouser pocket ready for when I need it

    The CREE emitter throws a consistent beam across the area and the color is good. Battery life is good with rechargeable AA cells.

    CON: To turn on the light to it's last mode requires a long press. A light press however, will turn the light on in moonlight mode. Since I carry the light in a trouser pocket, it turns on accidentally sometimes. In my opinion it should only turn on with a long press. This is the reason for only 4 stars. Otherwise it would be a 5 star product.

  9. very good headlamp. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Sep 2017

    I have been using this torch for the past month on early morning dog walks. Overall I like the design of Manker head lamps and own the aaa version as well.
    The pros: very well made. mode spacing is good, not too heavy, good run times with large capacity AA NIMH cells. Beam pattern is to my liking for hiking and trail running at night. I like the color with the nichia.

    Cons: the strap and holder for the torch are not well made and need to be wider. I have placed torch in zebralight headband so they wont bounce too much.

    Overall buy this torch.

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